Members of Hot Club Sandwich

Tim Wetmiller

Regarded as one of the most adventurous and exciting fiddlers in the Northwest today, Tim founded HCS on a front porch in Olympia ten years ago. Along with playing swing violin and contributing compositions and arrangements to HCS, Tim explores folk styles from around the world, and works with many bands including the Seattle-based Latin American roots music band Los Flacos. 

Ray Wood

One of the most revered guitarists in the Northwest, Ray is a regular instructor at events including Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and Wintergrass Academy. From Bangkok to Bourbon Street, Ray has played there. If you were there, he'll remember you — and you've never forgotten him. 

Kevin Connor

Holding down the Gypsy-style rhythm and tone on his Selmer-style guitar, Kevin Connor is also a composer and vocalist. He also plays the Cuban tres, a beautiful instrument which shares a similar right hand picking technique with the Gypsy jazz guitar style. In addition to HCS, Kevin performs with the Djangomatics and the SuperSones, a 6 piece Cuban son band.

Matt Sircely

A pioneer among a new generation of swing mandolinists, Matt draws inspiration from the great swing mandolin players while enjoying the cultivation of his own sound. A contributor of compositions and vocals to the HCS sound, Matt is also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and is recording his first solo project for Danny Barnes' Minner Bucket label.

James Schneider

A bassist all his life, James creates the backbone of the Hot Club Sandwich rhythm. In addition to upright bass, James plays tenor and five-string banjos, performing in a variety of traditional acoustic music contexts. When not on the road, he teaches music, folklore, and writing at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, WA.

Joseph Mascorella

A powerhouse of rhythm and an outstanding vocalist, composer and improvisor, Joseph Mascorella joined Hot Club Sandwich in 2009. Alaska born and raised, Joseph has played with a wide variety of bands and has also acted in several films. Not only did he appear onscreen with 'Butterfly' of the Diggable Planets, his character was fatally shot by the famed innovator of melodic Hip-Hop.