Remembering Joseph Mascorella

Joseph Mascorella passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in a hospital near his home on October 31 at 5:57pm after unknowingly battling pneumonia. With a profound sense of grief, we ask you to join us in keeping the memory of Joseph Mascorella forever in your hearts, his loving kindness, his musical brilliance, his deep friendships, his work with children, his legacy as the greatest dad.

We have reached out to his family, his beloved wife Samantha and their brilliant daughter, Pharaoh. As time progresses, we will continue to be in touch with his family and we promise to let everyone know how to offer support.

An expert drummer and vocalist with many groups, Joseph Mascorella was a formal member of Hot Club Sandwich for nearly a decade beginning in 2010.  In January 2011, Hot Club Sandwich toured to Joseph’s hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, and our No Pressure album highlights his outstanding vocals and drum performances. He joined us for several musical engagements this year, we will cherish these among our most precious memories, such as the swing dance at Leif Erickson Hall on May, 21, 2022 in Ballard. Joseph Mascorellas’s final performance was with the Greg Ruby Quintet at DjangoFest, NW on September 22, 2022.

Joseph’s family plans a memorial celebration sometime in the spring or summer. Meanwhile, we are all collecting photographs, videos and other records, and we implore you to consider if you might have any footage or photos of our band featuring Joseph’s presence on drums and vocals. If so, please send it to us. We will pass it along to his family.

We will continue to update this web page over time. When we do, we’ll post a notice on our Facebook account. Thank you for joining us in forever remembering Joseph Mascorella.